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Elle Cooks is obsessed with the idea of falling in love with her Mr. Right. The problem is, everyone on campus knows it. Can a new friend turn everything around for her? 

Birdie Tenneson and Chase Cyrus met under the stars on Christmas Eve. They shared their deepest secrets, and a first kiss that neither would ever forget... Nine years later, they are brought together again, but Birdie is dating Chase's biggest investor. What will they do when their perfect worlds are turned upside down?

Nina Abbott plans to use a holiday trip with friends to rekindle the flame with her ex. When he shows up with another girl, Nina makes a reckless decision and declares she is dating her sworn enemy, Theo Armstrong. But Theo has a secret of his own, and he might need Nina more than he thinks.


Kidnapped at age 15, Indigo Olsen is unable to trust. But when she meets Kennedy Keats, will she be able to leave her troubled past behind her?

Famous singer Eloisa Rae Morgan and her bodyguard Xavier Cannon don't hit it off. But when a stalker seeks out Eloisa, will Xavier protect her?

13 scary stories featuring goblins, ghosts, witches, trolls and more!

Make sure to read with the light on!

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